The Dishlicker

Winter is coming.  However unlike the Starks of Winterfell the prospect of winter doesn’t fill me with dread. I’m well over summer, we are officially done.  The humidity is Sydney was like Singapore for a few weeks there in February and March.  And I’m glad to see the back of kids cricket, I mean it’s a nice way to spend a Saturday morning, but there were some days I could only imagine are what it must be like playing cricket in Port Moresby.  I’m not completely anti summer, don’t get me wrong.  I love Christmas and the beach and barbeques and getting around in shorts and thongs. And watching cricket.  On the lounge and with the air conditioning so cold I have to wear a jumper.  Summer just seems to go on for so long now.  It should wrap up on Australia Day, then the novelty wouldn’t wear off.  By the time February rolls around I’m ready to exchange mozzies and sleepless nights and being constantly sweaty for sleeping under the doona and trackie dacks and open fires.   And, of course, footy.


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