Getting Started

Q. What do registration fees include?
A. For all players registration includes all training sessions and game day matches.  Auskick participants (U5s – U8s) receive an AFL Auskick Backpack. New joiners to the club will also receive Glebe Greyhounds socks and shorts.  Returning players retain their existing socks and shorts to wear or can purchase new shorts, socks and other club gear from the club’s canteen. You’ll receive a Glebe Greyhounds guernsey to wear on game day, which will need to be returned at the end of the season.   The fees also go towards our insurance, ground fees and operation of the club.

Q. What song do we sing?
A. We sing our own Glebe Greyhounds song to the Collingwood (Dolly Grey) song.

Q. What colours do we wear?
A. Black & White striped guernsey.   Black & White hooped socks.

Q. Where do I buy footy boots?
A. Footy boots can be purchased through Billy Lou Kids Shoes in Leichhardt with 10% discount when you mention the club, Rebel Sport or other such outlets. The club also has a 2nd hand boot box where footy boots can be purchased for $10 per pair with all money going back into the Greyhounds Club.  Donations of old boots always welcome.

Q. What age do you have to be to play Auskick?
A. Your child must be turning 5 in the year that they commence playing AFL to be able to play in our youngest age group – U5s.  This is an AFL set rule.

Q. What age group is the Girls only competition?
A. The girls only competition starts from U10s, with U10s, U12s, U14s and U16s teams.  Girls who turn 9, 10 can play in the U10s. Girls who turn 11 or 12 can play with the U12s. Girls who turn 13, 14 can play in the U14s. Girls who turn 15, 16 can play in the U16s.

Auskick U5 – U12 are mixed competitions so girls can play in either girls only or both.

Q. Do I need to have played  Auskick to join Youth Girls?
A. No previous experience is necessary to join the team.

Q. My daughter is 10 years old can she play with boys?
A. Auskick U5 – U12 is a mixed competition and girls can either play in the mixed competition or the girls only competition, or both.

Q. What is the oldest age you can be to play Junior AFL?
A. Your child must be turning 17 in the year that they commence playing AFL to be able to play in our oldest age group – U17s.

Q. What happens if my child wants to play AFL after U17s?
A. There are 2 clubs close to Glebe Greyhounds where your child can play – Sydney Uni and Balmain.


Q. What do I wear to training?
A. Footy boots are important but other than that you can wear anything you like as long as it is comfortable to run around in. Many kids wear the Glebe Greyhounds Training shirts which are available from the canteen.

Q. What do I wear on game day?
A. As part of registration, the Glebe Greyhounds will issue a Game Day Jumper with a number on the back which must be worn on game day as well as Glebe shorts, Glebe socks and footy boots.  Mouth guards are also recommended and are mandatory for year levels from U9s.  All new registrations receive a pair of shorts and socks. Returning players must wear their shorts/socks from previous years or purchase new once the kids outgrow them.


Q. Where do we train?
A. We train on Jubilee Oval & Federal Park, Glebe in Bi-Centennial Park.  Training times are on the club’s website.  Training for most teams will begin early March. Older teams in an alliance with Newtown Swans may train at Alan Davidson Oval, Alexandria on alternative weeks.

Game Day

Q. When does the season start?
A. Round 1 is the first weekend of April. Training generally starts four weeks prior to the season, although some coaches in the older age groups like to start earlier as fitness becomes more important.

Each year training will commence in early March for most teams – older age groups may start pre-season training in February. The season runs from April – August for most teams. Older age groups have finals into September each year.

Q. Where do I find the draw for the year?
A. The season Fixtures and Results are published by the NSW AFL Junior football association.

Q. What happens on wet weather days?
A. Coaches and managers will send out an email to cancel training or matches due to any wet weather event. We advise all players to check their emails prior to leaving home just in case a last minute cancellations has occurred.

Q. Where are the games on Saturday or Sunday?
A. We receive a draw for the year in March and this will be published online for anyone to the ‘Fixtures and Results’ link.

The Saturday games (U5s-U11s) are played within the inner city and inner west of Sydney.   Drummoyne, Concord, Paddington, Maroubra, Newtown are some of the grounds we play at.  See our website for details of the actual location of each ground.

The Sunday games U12-U17s are played Sydney wide and include Cronulla, Baulkham Hills, Cherrybrook, Manly, Maroubra, Concord. See our website for details of the actual location of each ground.

Q. How long is each game?
A. Auskick drills/games run for approx. 50 minutes where the kids learn AFL skills and then finish with a game where they gain experience as a forward, back & centre.
U9s – U11s play a game of approx. 1 hour.
U12s – U17s play a game up to approx. 1.5 hours.

Q. What time does each team play?
A. The draw will be published in the ‘Fixtures and Results’ link from March each year.
Generally: Saturdays Mornings: Auskick starts at 8.10am with a new age group each hour finishing with U11s in the afternoon.
Sundays: start with U12s in the morning but may differ each week and will be published in the ‘Fixtures and Results’ link from March each year.


Q. As a parent how do I learn some AFL skills?
A. Once training starts, the AFL will run O Level Parent Training where you will learn how to hand pass, kick and mark whilst your kids are training. Even if you have watched AFL for many years being shown from the professionals how to do it will make all the difference when you practice at home with your own kids.

Q. What volunteer roles are available?
A. Each team will require a coach, manager, first aid person, ground manager/timekeeper and people to man the BBQ and canteen through the season. A roster will be set up by your manager for all families to help out at least once in the season. Apart from these roles, the Greyhounds is run completely by volunteers so if you would like more of a role within the club please make yourself known to your manager and they can introduce you to an Executive Committee Member. We regularly email or post out any roles that need filling.


Q. Can I buy food at the Glebe Greyhounds?
A. We run a canteen for all home games where you can buy hot food, lollies and drinks, and the best coffee at any ground in Sydney. On most Thursday night training sessions we run TNT (Thursday Night Tucker) with a BBQ, drinks and lollies available for purchase.

Q. Do we have EFTPOS?
A. Yes in the canteen – minimum $10 spend

Q. End of year trophies?
A. Auskick – each child receives a trophy/medal at the end of year presentation day.
U9s – U17s – 6 x trophies per team are awarded for a variety of achievements.