Rules of Play

Players still stay in their respective zones of forwards, centres and backs. Only forwards can score and the ball must pass through the centre zone when being transferred from the back. Minimal contact is allowed when players are going for possession, as long as the players main objective is to get the ball. No shepherding or bumping off the ball is allowed.

A modified tackle is allowed. An opponent can wrap both arms around the player with the ball as long as it’s below the shoulders and above the knees. Tackles can be from behind provided the tackled player is not pushed from the back.

A tackled player cannot be brought to the ground and if they are they receive a free kick.

Once tackled the player is given a reasonable chance to dispose of the ball by hand pass or kick. If the player cannot dispose of the ball then the umpire will do a ball up unless the tackled player had a reasonable time to dispose of the ball prior to the tackle, in which case a free kick is awarded to the tackler.

In these age groups the players can run 10 metres with the ball and bounce the ball once before having to dispose of it.

Coaches are allowed on the field to coach but must stay away from the play.

Players’ age group is determined by their age on the 1st January ie: if your child is turning 9 this year then they are in the Under 9 age group.

Age groups are: