2013 Year Book

Edited extract from the President’s Report from the 2013 Glebe Greyhound Year Book.

My grandfather had a saying – which he told
me about 10 times every day when we went
to visit him:

“In life, like in football, you won’t go far unless
you know where the goalposts are.”

In 2013, my grandfather’s saying took on
special significance for the Glebe Greyhounds
as we discovered that this year our goalposts
had been moved to Marrickville!

Yes, it was a truly testing year for our Club
as we relocated to HJ Mahoney Memorial
Park in Marrickville for all our home games
in 2013 – a test which I am happy to say
the mighty Greyhounds passed with flying
colours.  The good news was that for the first
time in approximately 100 years, Jubilee Oval
was given a major refurbishment including
improved drainage, a new sprinkler system
and turf. The bad news was that we could not
use Jubilee Oval to train or play on for the full
2013 season.

Another saying comes to mind, courtesy of
Joni Mitchell:

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t
know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

I know that this year we all missed “our”
Jubilee Oval and will appreciate being back
and playing on it in 2014 !

265 players represented the black & white
in 2014 from Under 5’s to Under 16’s.

On the field, 2013 was a very successful
year with all teams competing in the required
Glebe style – hard but fair.   A highlight of the
year was our Under 12s, Under 13s, Under
14s, Under 16s Division 3 & Under 16s
Division 2 teams all making the semi finals
of their respective competitions.  Our Under
13s made it all the way to the Grand Final.

2014 promises to take us on a new journey
with the competition for the first time being
extended to include the Under 17 age group.
We are grateful that our Under 16 players now
stay with us another year !

None of the above achievements would have
occurred without the effort and dedication
of our coaching staff.  A HUGE thank you to
all coaches, assistant coaches, managers,
runners, water carriers, boundary umpires,
goal umpires and time keepers.

2014 promises to be bigger and better than
2013. It is an exciting time to be around the
Club and I urge you all to “GET INVOLVED “.

Go the Greyhounds!